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Bryn Cohn + Artists presents their first evening of repertory, The Art of Loss, a collection of notable works from 2012-2017 that expose the rebellion, hope and despair that root in otherness. Renowned for their ferocious physicality, theatrical worlds and intimate performances, BC + A navigates an unforgettable cultural, emotional and kinetic adventure. 


The evening will include the World Premiere of a brand new politically-inspired work, A Perfect Union, which addresses the current sociopolitical climate in our world through the lenses of race, gender, sexuality, terrorism, activism, hierarchical structures and humanitarian effort. In her first-ever musical composition, Cohn has designed a mash-up score sourced from inaugural and political speeches by Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump.


"A Perfect Union is both a personal response to the effects of political agenda as well as a larger communal commentary on the apocalyptic conditions that plague our country," said artistic director Bryn Cohn. "Through integration of a text-based score, America takes on a humanized presence within the work with whom the performer maintains a direct and intimate relationship. The score provides a rhythmic platform for movement generation and reinforces the conversational engine that is intrinsic to the thematic objectives. Layering of dialogue serves to reinforce the perpetual bombardment of information and negativity that saturate American existence. Theatrical undercurrents are illuminated through militant and sacrificial imagery in the body as well as symbolic motifs that parallel and counterpoint the spoken word."


The program also includes four audience favorites: HOME, Skin, 4AM and If You Sink.

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