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Hi everyone!  I'm not an artist - I teach high school and I am interested in the Asian arts community in NYC on that basis.  I recently learned of Afro-futurism as an artistic movement and wondered if there were futuristic arts movements in Asia or in the Asian-American scene.  I realize this is a beginner-level question and actually I haven't even asked a question.  So far, my google searching has led me to Xin Wang here in the city

and her tumblr

And I just picked up The Three-Body Problem.  His earlier book China 2185 doesn't seem to be available anywhere.  Was it never translated into English?

If anyone has time to suggest any places for me to look or people to talk to, it would be great.  The Asian students at my school (Friends Seminary near Union Square) aren't super active in the school's equity and inclusion efforts and I'd like to change that.  Thanks for anything you can tell me :)

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Hi Ravi-

Dawn Chan would be another resource. I also explore Asian-futurism as a concept within my work, but I am just at the start of my research. I find that the concept can be applied to many contexts (Joss Stone's Firefly could be an example), but fewer folks are actively researching and writing about it. Would appreciate a further conversation about this if you are interested, my email is



Thanks for your reply!  A couple of people have mentioned Firefly to me.  Notably, it shows a future where China has clearly achieved some kind of dominance, but the show is still all white.  This seems to be a thing in western media :)

Definitely problematic! 


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