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The Indie Theater Fund is giving TEN grants in $1,000 increments to ten deserving companies, for a total of $10,000. Whoo-hoo!  And they'll go like this:
The first five $1,000 grants continue our pledge to help you pay artists. Last year's initiative earmarking grant funds to artists of color, in recognition of the added challenges they face in entering the field, reflected a mandate to build a fundamental commitment to equity and diversity into the values and culture of our young organization. It was a clear statement of our values, and based on feedback from participants like you, it is clear that it expressed our community's values as well. In fact, you recommended that we expand the scope of the initiative to include additional perspectives that are underrepresented in our field.  
Taking that one step further, we believe that diverse leadership in our participant organizations is essential to encouraging diverse and equitable practices. Therefore, as described above, our second five $1,000 grants this year will support artists and others who work in our participant organizations in a leadership, management or administrative capacity. 

To be eligible for either grant, companies or venues must commit to using their grant to pay artists or leaders of color and/or artists or leaders who bring an underrepresented perspective to our community through gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, economic disadvantage, refugee/immigration status or for other reasons you define.  
The grant money can be paid to one artist or leader or split between several; paid to artists working on one show, reading, workshop in your season or split between more than one; use however you see fit within the grant period.
Due Date: September 8, 2017

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