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Keep a Smile, Zhijun - Mandarin-spoken NYU film short seeking funding

My name is Jun Shimizu. I'm currently attending NYU's Film Production program and am in pre-production for a relatively low-budget (1,600$ or so) short film entitled "Keep a Smile, Zhijun". It will be filmed entirely in Mandarin.



On his way to make a delivery, Chinese-food delivery man Zhijun Wang comes across his old childhood friend, Liuxiang Zhang. They stop by a tea house to catch up, and recall old childhood memories, reminiscing about their old friend Baohua Li, a man with terrible luck. As the two friends talk, we find out about Baohua's misfortunes in life and tragic story...


In a sense, this story is an ode to all of the Chinese immigrants in NYC, ever-present but hardly referred to - but a vital part of the city's community. The harsh working conditions, the ever-present threat of being deported, and the sacrifice of leaving one's homeland is something that most Chinese immigrants need to deal with - but within those hardships, beautiful stories exist.


Production begins in two weeks (April 15th-April 17th). We're still having trouble finding funding but whoever is generous enough to contribute will be greatly appreciated - if you donate, send me your name and mailing address, and I will gladly add you to the credits and send you a copy of the movie once it's finished. Keep in mind, anything helps - 50$ will feed our 12-person crew for a day. 100$ will take care of transport for another.


Click the link for more info about the movie, cast, crew, and for donations:


Much love,


- Jun Shimizu

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