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Roles for Mature SouthEast Asian Actresses in Indie Short film

Seeking Mature South East Asian Actresses for roles in  "The Speech," an independent short film with potential to be a feature. Travel, meals, and material for reel will be provided. Rehearsals and shoot will occur in August in Brooklyn, NY. Please send a headshot, resume, link to reel (if available),  and breif cover letter to

Synopsis: Four sisters are reunited after years of estrangement that was caused by the death of their sister, Monday. Their niece has received a scholarly honor and a family member must attend the ceremony and speak on her behalf. The sisters meet for the first time in years to discuss who will fulfill this duty.


SUNDAY (60-65)

Role Description: Sunday is the eldest of five sisters. She is a hard worker and smart, but not as bright as her sisters who have all had impressive medical careers. She is the glue of the family. She calls family meetings and usually has the final say in group decisions. She is thoughtful and serious.


Role Description: the third sister of five. She is the sibling that left, but eventually came back to the family. Wednesday is incredibly bright. She can be hotheaded and stubborn, and is prone to getting into trouble. She cares deeply for her family despite her absences.

THURSDAY (50-60)

Role Description: the fourth of five sisters. She is vain and flirtatious. Thursday has always been beautiful, even in her old age, and she feels this puts herself above the world. Despite being an intelligent and capable person, Thursday has depended on her looks and her relationships to get ahead in life.

FRIDAY (45-55)

Role Description: the youngest of the five sisters. Entitled and angry at the world. Friday compares herself to her sisters. While she is talented, she tends to be lazy in her endeavors. Like her older sisters, she practices medicine.

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