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The Woman

Living as a woman is like becoming a flower spreading out of the sprout

Film (HD), 12min, color

Film: Pyeunghun Baik
Choreography & Performance: Kihwa Kim
Music(Beonjim-Spreading Out): Seungmin Cha
Voice: Kyoko Kitamura
Koto: Akiko Sasaki
Poem(Spreading out): Seok-nam Jang

Spreading Out Seok-nam Jang

Spreading Out.
As magnolia flowers spread out and disappears
Summer Comes
You spread out to me
And become me
Again I spread out to you
Spreading out.
Is the only way to live
The flowers spread out and become fruit.
Summer spread out and turns into autumn.
Spreading out.
Music spreads out and becomes a paint.
Life spreads out and becomes death.
And the death spreads out
Again and shines light on this life.
And again, evening spreads out and
Becomes night.
Spreading out.
To spread out is to love.
A cottage at the skirts of the mountain spreads out
And becomes a spring butterfly that flies by.

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