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What is your word?


“It rains as I write this. Mad heart, be brave.”


—From “The Country Without a Post Office”

by poet Agha Shahid Ali (1949-2001)


This is not the tomorrow that many of us wanted. But this is the day into which we have awoken—bruised, heartbroken, disappointed, shattered, enraged, frightened, spent. It’s the surfacing of brutal truths that lay waste to cognitive thought.


Sometimes, there are just no words.


And yet. We invite you to share just one word with us. About how you’re feeling, or what you’re doing. We’ll create a word cloud of everyone else’s thoughts, a diaphanous image of the Asian American creative community on this day. And in the days to come. Type your word in the text box above.


The Asian American Arts Alliance believes that every story deserves to be told, heard, and honored. We believe that the work to make sure this happens has never been more important— and we want to hear from you. We will be inviting you for further conversations to share ideas about how we can work together. This is not the time for silence, but for an outpouring of voices and collective action.


What’s your word?


We’ll be reaching out again. But in the meantime, feel free to send me your thoughts at


Ever onwards,

Andrea Louie

Executive Director




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