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LABA Second Stages Productions at The Theater at the 14th Street Y

Event Description

LABA presents two Second Stage events at The Theater at the 14th Street Y, 344 E. 14th Street, New York, NY 10003, in February 2018.


"The first year of the LABA fellowship is really about the first encounter -- the first try, the impulse, a first creative sketch and creating a touch point for the artist," said Ronit Muszkatblit, Artistic Director of LABA. "In the Second Stage program, we go into the next layer -- it's about finding depth.  This program gives the artists the resources and community to continue their development and process.  Through this program, artists are able to deepen their engagement with the material and the final outcome. Our goal is to guide the evolution and nuance of the piece into the next level.  Ideally, our artists come back for a third stage -- whether that be performance, gallery exhibit, concert, or even have a book published -- we want to serve the artistic community as an incubator for new Jewish Culture."


Keren Moscovitch presents One More Way: Revolt!, a video installation, from February 1-4, 2018. Hours: Thurs, 7-10pm; Fri, 4-8pm; Sat, 4-8pm; Sun, 4-8pm. FREE - 18+ ADULT CONTENT


One More Way: Revolt! is a multi-channel, site-specific video installation that re-imagines a living text through performance and communal interpretation of intimate dialogue. Instead of a live audience, a script unfolds in front of multiple cameras, audio recorders and a crew, resulting in footage that questions the possibility of singular meaning. Projected on multiple surfaces, the immersive experience invites viewers to meditate on the infinitude of significations found in the empty space between words, the ways that the body interprets text, and the subtle shifts in meaning that happen over short bursts of time. The piece demonstrates that it is through our intimacy that we are able to escape the structures that imprison us, and create a new realm founded in freedom.


Performances by Dawn Akemi Saito and Yehuda Hyman; performance direction by Michael Leibenluft; cinematography by Keren Moscovitch, Ken Lavey and Zen Piet Astrud; sound by Shuonan (Liam) Liu and Eamon Goodman; projection design by Gil Sperling; production assistance by Morgan Day; consulting by John (Jackie) Kelsey.  


Hadar Ahuvia presents "Everything you have is yours?" from February 8-10, 2018 at 8pm. Tickets are $20 in advance and are available at


"Everything you have is yours?" This was the question an Israeli security official asked Ahuvia when she went to renew her passport. The question resonated with her as she considers her relationship to her Israeli heritage. "Everything you have is yours?" explores the construction of Israeli identity through the performance of Israeli folk dance - with attention to gestures appropriated from Palestinian and Arab Jewish traditions. Ahuvia's investigation also explores the double-appropriation of Israeli dance by American Christian Zionists in their own pursuit of "authenticity." Through mirroring of archival footage and instructional videos, the work reveals the subtext of the dances, making explicit the Otherness at the kernel of Israeli identity. 


Performances by Hadar Ahuvia, Mor Mendel, and Lily Bo Shapiro, Projections Gil Sperling, Sound Design Avi Amon, Dramaturgy Lily Bo Shapiro, Dramaturgical support Stacy Grossfield, Rowan Magee


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